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Busted Knuckle Garage

Busted Knuckle Garage™ is an automotive gift company specializing in garage gear, furniture, clothing, and collectibles all branded under their trademark. A brand made to celebrate the pleasure of wrenching on your favorite car, motorcycle, or truck.
Founded in 1997 by owner Warren Tracy, whose career path has also included mortgage banking, delivering yachts and operating a bicycle shop, met a man making faux-antique distressed wooden signs. Warren decided to commission the artisan to make a wooden sign featuring his design, along with the name “The Busted Knuckle Garage.” Warren then posted an ad in an auto magazine. To his great surprise, he sold over 100 signs the first month.  Since then, the Busted Knuckle Garage™ brand has only continued to grow and thrive. 

Combining the marketing and small business lessons he’d learned from his various occupations, over the past 10 years Tracy has built The Busted Knuckle Garage into a lifestyle brand that sells more than 250 different items—from clothing, garage and home décor and gifts to collectibles and car-care products— to fellow wrench twisters.


The Busted Knuckle Garage™ name strongly resonates with our automotive culture. Warren's licensed goods have made their way into Autozone, Advance Auto Parts, Pep Boys, CVS, Duane Reade, Albertsons, Michaels, Costco, Hobby Lobby, Cracker Barrel and others. Through direct sales at their online site, automotive catalogs and national chain stores, Warren through years of determination and experience has created unique and long-lasting life-style brand.