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Harley-Davidson 165ST

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Harley-Davidson 165ST

The Harley-Davidson ST 165 was a lightweight two-stroke motorcycle that was produced from 1948 to 1966. The design was a copy of the DKW RT125, acquired at the end of World War II from he occupied German DKW plant. This was considered a good quality and reliable motorcycle during the war. Harley-Davidson positioned his motorcycle as a starter bike with hope that it would attract younger buyers into the Harley dealership with limited funds; but in time they'd move up to one of their full-size models. During that time, the ST165 was priced at $445.00.

One example on where this strategy worked, was that sometime in 1955, after earning a regular income as a young and aspiring performing artist, Elvis purchased his first Harley-Davidson motorcycle. I was a small 1965 Harley-Davidson ST165 in red color. But by January of 1956, Elvis had outgrown the 165cc engine and moved up to the Harley-Davidson KH.

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Sources: Harley-Davison S165 by Cycle Chaos,

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