The Boiling Point


The Boiling Point by Jose Ramos

This is the extraterrestrial Hverir – Námafjall geothermal area in Iceland, where the scars on the surface of Earth, joined by the steaming hot sulphur smokes and boiling muds, show us that our planet is very much alive and constantly renovating itself.

This photo was shot during sunrise at 2am in June 2016, right after a fantastic midnight sun display in the near area of the Krafla Volcano. This was probably the best light display of the whole trip, with non stop intense warm light during 4 hours. The original plan for that day was to shoot the west side of the Dettifoss waterfall, but I was unfortunately surprised by a blocked staircase to the shooting spots, as the place was still filled with dangerous slippery ice near the borders. There was no internet on the spot to check the cloud cover forecast and redo the shooting plan, so I rushed to return to the Ring Road. As this was my third visit to the country, I knew that the Krafla volcanno crater and the Hverir Geothermal area were near, so there were the chosen spots for that day. As you can guess, I definitely do not regret this choice!

As it would become usual on these midnight sun sessions, there was a total of 4 persons on the spot between sunset and sunrise, in a place that is usually crowded with dozens (hundreds?) of visitors.

Location: Hverir, Iceland

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