"Worship" by José Ramos

"My religion and place of worship is called Nature, but no one can question the impact of this stunningly positioned church in the Dolomites. This is the gorgeous San Giovanni Church, located in Val di Funes, with the massive Geisler/Odle peaks behing it.

If there was one main single reason for me to travel to the Dolomites in November this was it. Shooting this gorgeous church with golden pine trees in the background is something that has been filling my imagination for long. What I did not expect was that there would be massive snowfall in the Dolomites so soon, so I also got the bonus of fresh snow around the church.

And because dreams never come easy, this photo was only possible after my 4th visit to this place, during the 15 day stay at the Dolomites. After three not-good-enough previous tries. the weather forecast was promising for sunrise, so I decided to sleep on the camper near the spot, and finally magic happened and Nature greeted me with proper light that would make justice to this place."

Location: Val di Funes, Italy