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Octopus Magic

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"Octopus Magic"

The soft body of an octopus can radically alter its shape, enabling it to squeeze through small gaps. Their eight appendages trail behind them when they swim. In mythology, octopuses are depicted as sea creatures, like the Kraken of Norway and the Gorgon of ancient Greece. See how this magical octopus can adapt to any environment using our new color changing print.

All our prints are shipped in high quality aluminum frames. Our EFX watermark will not be printed on the final artwork. All of our products are printed on archival quality UV light resistant polyester.

Color Changing Fine Art Print
Photographer: Markus Kammermann
Composition by: EFX Gallery
© 2022 EFX™ Gallery

Keywords: octopus, sea, sea life, animal, marine, underwater, macro, tentacles, suction cup, aquatic, squid

Source: Wikipedia, ""

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