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"Poplars," by Claude Monet

This impressionist art print is part of the Poplars series consisting of 24 different canvas oil paintings by Monet from 1891. That summer, Monet began painting a row of poplar trees along the Epte river near his home in Giverny, France. The trees were about to be auctioned off so he made a deal wth the buyer to delay cutting them in order to allow him to finish painting through autumn. Using a row boat that could hold his canvases, the artist created this series of poplar tree oil paintings to reflect different seasons and times of day. In an effort to make the scenes exact, he often had very little time to paint before the sunlight shifted on the leaves.  

All our prints are shipped in high quality aluminum frames. Our EFX watermark will not be printed on the final artwork. All of our products are printed on archival quality UV light resistant polyester.

Color Changing Fine Art Print
Painter: Claude Monet
Composition by: EFX Gallery
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Source: "Claude Monet: Poplars, 1891",