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Wheatstacks, Snow Effect, Morning

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"Wheatstacks, Snow Effect, Morning," by Claude Monet

In the fall of 1890, Impressionist Claude Monet arranged to have the wheatstacks near his home left out over the winter. By the following summer, he had painted them at least thirty times through out the seasons. Monet's wheatstacks series was the first time he concentrated on a single subject under different conditions. These oil paintings focused on the wheatstacks, differentiating only by color, touch, composition, lighting and types of weather. After beginning outdoors, Monet reworked each painting in his studio to create the color harmonies that unify each canvas. The pinks in the sky echo the snow's reflections, and the blues of the wheatstacks' shadows are found in the wintry light shining on the stacks, in the houses' roofs, and in the snowy earth.

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Color Changing Fine Art Print
Painter: Claude Monet
Composition by: EFX Gallery
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